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Glasses Vs Contact Lenses

Well arguably Contact lenses are the most commonly used forms of lenses these days. For many reasons for example:
1 you don’t need to clean them
2 they don’t break
3 they don’t get dirty
4 you cannot forget them at places
5 they don’t hide your face
6 they are not heavy
Were as you can easily break glasses or forget them at places they make your appearance different.  But on the other hand:
1 you can get your eyes infected easily
2 you need to be a person that can poke your eyes
3 you need to have a good supplier
4 every day you need to put them in water that is
5 they sometimes not that comfortable
6 your eyes can get dry at times
So really ever person has to consider all the above and decide for them self’s what will be the best option for them. For me I have recently started wearing Glasses and not sure if I can poke myself every day so I went with the easy option. So what will be your choice?     

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