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Toilet Training in 10 Easy Steps


If you’ve had enough of nappies and you want to start toilet training your toddler, read this and get started. 

You may believe that your toddler is growing and that nappies are starting to look very bulky under his nice new clothes and you really want a life without nappies but the decision maker to stop nappies will be your little one rather than you. To know the right time to start toilet training your little one the best thing you can do is to watch out for the signs he gives. If he is getting irritated with dirty nappies, if he is telling you verbally or giving you signs that he needs to do his toilet, if he does his toilet at certain times then it means he is ready. If you believe that your toddler is ready to be toilet trained then you could start by following the below 10 easy steps.

Although experts may say that the right age to toilet train a child is between the ages of 1.5 – 2.5 years this may differ from child to child. Best expert to determine when your child should start toilet training is you.

1. Buy him a potty and keep it in his room for a while.  Let him explore it and get used to it.
2. Determine the times when he does his toilet and start sitting him on the potty around that time, for example when he wakes up or after his food.
3. Try to get him to tell you when he wants to do his toilet and get him to use the potty at those times.
4. If he is not happy using the potty then sit with him.  You could read to him, play with him or sing to him to make the potty experience fun.
5. If he uses the potty then treat him to small presents.  This will tell him that he is doing the right thing and encourage him to continue using the potty.
6. Make him wear clothes that he can easily use the potty when you are not around. 
7. If he totally refuses to use the potty then don’t get angry.  Just stop using the potty for a while and start again later.
8. Move the potty into the bathroom after a while and explain to him why.  Start using the toilet after a few weeks of using the potty in the toilet.
9. Don’t let him drink too much water or liquids after 18.00 and take him to toilet before sleeping.
10. Don’t let him wear a nappy at night so that he is properly toilet trained.  Instead use waterproof mattress covers. Don’t be angry with him if there are accidents. Do not punish him for accidents.
Make sure the timing of the toilet training is not at a time when you are moving or if you are having another baby arriving.