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Doha Life

New to Doha and you are finding it difficult to adjust because everything is totally different from what you are familiar with.  Welcome!
Doha is the capital of Qatar which is a small but diverse country filled with people from around the world.  You can find very different cuisines, language and clothing that people bring with them at every corner of Qatar.
One of the first things you will notice in Doha is the vast amount of construction happening everywhere as Doha is racing toward expansion and growth and of course preparing for the 2022 World Cup that will be one of the most exciting events for every person in Qatar.


The population of Qatar has reached its highest in January 2013 with more than 1.7 million residents made up of 74% male and 26% female.  Most of this rising population is due to the amount of expats coming into Qatar.  The ratio of Qataris to internationals is disprotianetly low and expats command an overwhelming majority. This makes it easier for expats to settle down and to start forming social lives in Doha very quickly.  Qatari nationals are also very hospitable and companiable.

Cost of Living & Housing

Cost of living in Doha is fairly high and if you are considering moving here then you should negotiate an adequate salary package to cover your costs of living in Doha.
Employers normally provide expats with housing as part of their employment in either high-rise apartments or in villas in walled neighborhoods called compounds.  Popular areas where the most professional expertise resides are the Pearl, West Bay area, Zigzag towers and the West Bay Lagoon. 

Entertainment & Recreation

As for nightlife and restaurants the various hotels from medium to high class all offer great choices of bars, nightclubs and restaurants from sparkling bubblies to live dance and band performances to quiz nights.
Many expats may feel that they have a limited choice when it comes to entertainment and recreation in Qatar but you can find anything from squash to theatre.  However, most outlets are not very good at letting people know what they offer and it is not always easy to find out about things that are happening until too late.
Make Qatar Entertainer your regular site to keep updated on what’s happening in Qatar and when.


Shopping activity is very common in Qatar and most major brand name clothing retailers, motor retailers, and other retailers from Western malls are represented here.

Driving & Transportation

Qatar’s roads are right hand driving and car is a necessity for most people in Qatar. However, driving in Doha can be challenging.  Driving standards and road maintenance are not what many expats may be accustomed to and driving requires more skill, patience, and self-control in Doha than anywhere else.
Taxis are also widely used through the country and you will always find them available in the front of shopping malls, airport or hale them on the road.  There are also private limousine companies where you can book cars in advance.

Weather Conditions

The climate in Qatar is moderate from October to May and is perfect to be outside enjoying a picnic or playing a game of tennis.  People even have a need for a space heater (there is no central heating) during December and January. Space heaters are difficult to find when the weather gets cold so it is wiser to purchase one during the summer time.
However, between June and August the temperatures may be as high as 50 degree Celsius, with high levels of humidity and fairly uncomfortable.  Most expats plan their holidays during this period.
Don't fret, air conditioning is available everywhere and expats quickly realize that it's often necessary to bring something warm to wear indoors as it can be as cold as 19 degrees Celsius indoors even amidst the sweltering weather outdoors.