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Health care is available to everyone and anyone that visits Qatar or works in Qatar. The Health System in the State of Qatar is recognized all over the world as a high standard health care service provider. They have high quality staff and equipment that operates in hospitals all over Qatar. The Supreme Council of Health regulates Qatar’s health system since 2005.  The first state hospital, Rumailah Hospital, opened in 1959 with 170 beds. A 165-bed maternity hospital was established in 1965. 

The Ministry of Public Health and Hamad Medical Corporation are the only two primarily responsible for providing health care to people in Qatar, the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Sports Medicine Center, Q.G.P.C (3 clinics) and industrial sector clinics (3) also bear part of the responsibility for providing health services to their employees. All these PHC clinics are well equipped and well staffed to provide some of the specialized health care services. Sports Medicine Center provide sterling services for athletes and sportsmen by keeping them fit and helping them to keep the country’s flag flying high in the international arenas.

Health services are structured as follows:

  • Primary health care centers. Primary health care level through which basic curative and preventive health care is offered at 21 health centers.
  • Specialized clinics in some health centers. Specialist care, such as diabetic care, is provided to those referred from primary health care centers.
  • Specialized and teaching hospitals. Care is provided to those referred from specialized clinics to Hamad Medical Corporation. 
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